Ransomware Protection

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Safeguard your business with ransomware protection

Data has become the world’s most important resource, and cybercriminals are extorting organizations around the world for theirs every day. Ransomware threatens your customer and employee data, trade secrets, even your business’s very existence. Acronis’ solutions use next-generation cyber protection to stop ransomware in its tracks — even variants that have never been seen before.

Ensure operational resiliency

Modern businesses face an onslaught of cyberthreats. New forms of ransomware emerge every day, and automation enables attackers to target countless businesses with ease. Data breaches and downtime caused by ransomware can be catastrophic to an organization’s health, which is why Acronis’ solutions take a multilayered approach — blocking ransomware and other cyberthreats while also supporting disaster recovery and forensic analysis.

Protect your reputation — and your bottom line

After a ransomware strike, cybercriminals may demand hundreds of thousands of dollars — even millions. Whether you pay or not, these numbers are often dwarfed by the unavoidable spillover impact to your organization. Severe reputational damage, regulatory fines, and loss of trade secrets can all result from data breaches. Acronis’ next-generation anti-ransomware solutions block both known and unknown threats — preventing disaster from striking your business.

Ensure comprehensive cyber protection

As your employees demand more from their IT services, it’s all too easy to wind up with a complex patchwork of tools — one that’s tough to learn and tough to maintain. Acronis’ all-in-one solutions integrate anti-malware protection with data backup and endpoint protection management. This unique approach eliminates protection gaps and enables seamless remediation — no need to juggle multiple solutions.