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Secure Cloud Storage for Law firms.

Law firms face unprecedented challenges when it comes to securing client data. Privacy and security requirements are constantly evolving, and targeted cyberattacks aimed at law firms are on the rise. To successfully navigate this complex landscape, you need an experienced partner.

Protect Your Firm’s Data from Hackers, Government Agencies and Employees

In today’s networked world, hostile state and non-state actors use innovative techniques to gain unauthorized access to an organization’s networks to steal sensitive personal, proprietary, and financial information.

Don’t let any sensitive data escape your organization with granular DLP controls.

Block unauthorized device and network access

Proactively prevent data leakage by allowing access only to devices, peripherals, and network communication channels such as email, instant messengers, and social media, that are required for business operations.

Limit data copying only to secure removable media

Neutralize one of the primary vectors of data
leakage — uncontrolled use of removable media, which enables stealthy exfiltration of data from corporate endpoints.

Control clipboard usage and screenshot captures

Prevent data leaks at their earliest stage – when data is copied or transferred via the clipboard. Selectively allow or deny the copying of specific data types or content within an application or between them.

User Access Control

ZGRO helps to protect your data,and remains securely within your control. Access to files is based on permissions set by the administrator, ensuring colleagues only see relevant files based on their
roles within the organization. Additionally, you can specify delete and download permissions.

Control sensitive data transfer

Ensure users are allowed to perform only operations necessary for the business across cloud file storage platforms. Allow or deny access to specific cloud file storage and apply context- and content-based controls to both uploaded files and comments, including text recognition in images.

Automatic Backup

Life is easier when using ZGRO. Our automated service ensures that new or amended files uploaded to the platform will be automatically backed up, allowing you to concentrate on operational matters.