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Document Management, Scanning & PDF Software

FileCenter is your fastest path to organized documents; FileCenter integrates with the Cloud services and Windows programs you already use; and FileCenter includes a powerful built-in PDF editor (so no more need for Adobe).

Easy Document Management and Powerful Productivity Tools

FileCenter is the most fully-featured and affordable document management software for offices of all sizes. It combines easy scanning and file organization with powerful PDF creation and editing. It also includes OCR, search, and integration with Sharepoint and cloud services like Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox. Feature-for-feature, FileCenter delivers at a price the competition can't touch.


Shorten your path to document organization and eliminate the daily hassle of dealing with electronic and paper files

Document & file management for businesses of all sizes

Professional offices and private businesses have been largely ignored in the document management and arena. This includes financial planners, lawyers, accountants, insurance brokers, manufacturing facilities, warehouses – any industry that has to process and organize high volumes of paper. Whether it's invoices or receipts, contracts or quality control documents, financial statements or medical records and estate plans … these industries have been forced to struggle under the weight and cost of full enterprise systems, or choose to go without.

FileCenter fills this void with a fully-featured, highly-affordable specifically designed solution for businesses of any size.

You can bring each of your existing files into FileCenter for organizing, without messy imports or conversions – then begin to enjoy FileCenter's powerful document management features, like naming options, folder templates, and easy document searching.

Manage & organize files from a single, unified interface

Powerful file management software needs not be complex. Organize your files, scan your paper documents, edit your PDFs, and search your archives from one clean, simple interface in a way that makes sense: electronic filing cabinets. These cabinets use a familiar Cabinet/Drawer/Folder layout, in an easy left-to-right flow. Cabinets "overlay" regular Windows directories automatically, so you can view your existing files in cabinets without importing them. You can also store any kind of Windows file in a cabinet. (If you prefer a traditional Explorer layout, FileCenter also provides an Explorer View).

Open & save any file type

FileCenter can store any kind of Windows file. It also integrates cleanly with the Save and Open functions of most programs. This means you can (optionally) replace your standard Windows Save/Open dialogs with custom FileCenter versions. Save files directly into your file cabinets from most of your programs, as part of your usual workflow – no importing necessary. Then open them again from FileCenter in your favorite applications. This integration can be enabled/disabled on a program-by-program basis.

Save files with pre-defined naming rules

The most tedious part about saving a file is now the easiest: picking a name. Set up a list of your common file names. Include dynamic information if you'd like. When it's time to save or rename a file, name it with a mouse click. FileCenter Professional and Pro Plus also add file naming rules known as Naming Options. These can contain dynamic information like dates, customer or patient names, and increments. You can even pull filename text from barcodes or the document's OCR text. Literally name and save your files or new scans with a couple of mouse clicks.

FileCenter Features

  • Manage incoming files with an inbox

    If you receive a steady inflow of files to a specific folder, FileCenter can show you a split view with this inbox on top, and your regular cabinets on the bottom. It's then easy to move the incoming files into your cabinets. Combine this feature with Naming Options and the Drop Renaming feature, and you can literally organize and rename dozens of incoming files with a simple drag-and-drop

  • Ensure consistent folder layouts with templates

    Make setting up standardized folder structures a piece of cake by turning folder layouts into reusable templates. You can define reusable folder layouts that are as simple or complex as you like, including nested folders many layers deep. You can then apply these layouts to any drawer or folder. They become especially useful when you add new drawers or folders – apply a folder layout at the same time. Consistent layouts are critical to an easy-to-use file organization system.

  • Quickly preview documents without opening them

    With FileCenter's preview pane, you no longer need to open a document just to check if it's the one you need. Easily see real-time previews of Office, image, or PDF files on the fly, just by clicking on them. Files also have thumbnails rather than uniform icons, so you can see what's inside a whole folder at a glance. FileCenter makes document browsing as easy as thumbing through a folder of paper documents.

  • Search your desktop & network as easily as you search the web

    Sometimes the quickest way to a document is a full-text keyword search. Find what you need as fast as you can type a query. Search everything, or limit your search to a specific cabinet, drawer, or even folder. With FileCenter Professional, you can also search the whole network. And in-place searching lets you quickly search a drawer or folder without leaving your current location.

  • Email files … as PDFs

    Send any kind of file as an attachment with a single click. Just select and send. Need to send it as a PDF? No problem, and no extra steps. FileCenter can turn the attachment into an uneditable PDF, plus change its name as you attach it, or even zip up multiple files … all on the fly.

  • Easily share documents on your network

    Need to put a cabinet on the network? This happens transparently with FileCenter. Because it works with your existing Windows files, everyone in the office can access the same documents without a complex database system. Just put your cabinets on a shared network folder, then point all your users to the shared cabinets. They'll all automatically share the same files, and any changes will be visible to everyone immediately.

  • Easily administer your network

    Concerned about security? FileCenter seamlessly inherits all the folder and file security settings from Windows. Keep using the security features you're used to, but with better file organization! Network administration is simple through Shared Settings, where you can share cabinets, folder layouts, predefined filenames – and lock down individual features and user access.

  • Recover deleted network files

    A major shortcoming of network drives is the lack of a recycle bin. So FileCenter provides its own. Once you turn this on, FileCenter will keep a copy of files deleted on network drives. That way, if you delete something by mistake, it's no longer gone forever – you can recover it from the recycle bin.

  • Access files in the cloud

    FileCenter is fully compatible with most popular cloud providers, like DropBox, SugarSync, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive. Your FileCenter files can viewed on your local PC, or through your cloud provider when you're on the go. Scanning to the cloud becomes so transparent and automatic that FileCenter doesn't even require a separate feature to do it.

  • Integrate with Microsoft SharePoint

    Offices that need an extra level of security and availability will benefit from FileCenter's SharePoint integration. Besides Cloud access, users can take advantage of document check-out and access the full version history of any file. Admins will appreciate that FileCenter seamlessly inherits all of the SharePoint file security rules.


Exceptionally streamlined document scanning

You're probably painfully aware of how scanning slows down an office. FileCenter takes full advantage of scanners, creating an unbelievably quick and easy workflow for processing paper documents into filed, organized, and fully-searchable PDFs. You can literally move paper onto your computer as fast as your scanner will run it through – not as fast as you can fill in folder and filenames.

FileCenter lets you automatically separate stacks of scanned documents, even saving them to the right client folder. You've never had a more reliable filing assistant. All the tedious tasks, like making your documents searchable with OCR, happen automatically behind the scenes. Need to scan a document into Word for editing? Email a paper document? Or maybe just add more pages to an existing scan? Not a problem … any more.

  • Scan to PDF & TIFF

    One-click scanning means you can efficiently move paper to PDF using pretty much any desktop scanner (TWAIN compatible). You can also scan and organize in one step by scanning a document directly into your current location. Just click Scan and the document will be added there automatically. For more flexibility, you can adjust the scan parameters and options.

  • Automatically OCR all new scans

    FileCenter integrates OCR (text recognition) as a seamless part of the scanning process. Literally go from paper to searchable PDF in one mouse click. Use our built-in engines, or your own favorite. As the scan comes in, FileCenter identifies the text on each page and inserts it invisibly in the resulting PDF. It looks just like the original document, but the scanned picture has real text behind it – searchable, indexable, and copyable.

  • Separate & save scans automatically

    To speed up your scanning, FileCenter can automatically split a stack of documents into individual files based on cover-sheet separators. Scan a whole stack of paper and let FileCenter worry about putting everything into the right PDFs. Better still, let it also worry about where to save each file, using routing instructions so the documents go into the right folders straight from the scanner.

  • Scan to Word

    Sometimes all you want from a document is the text. So why create a scan at all? Just get the text you want straight into Word with a single click that scans the file, extracts the text, and opens it in your favorite word processor.

  • OCR existing scans

    If you have previously scanned documents, FileCenter can make them searchable and indexable with OCR. Alternatively, just pull the text out of a PDF and send it to your word processor for editing. Now it's simple to turn scanned documents into Word files, scanned tables into Excel spreadsheets, etc. Just select the file and click the Recognize Text button. FileCenter will discover the text in the scanned image and do what you want with it.